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Video: ASU film senior brings storytelling to life

Krystina Owens decided to start her own studio, Innovelore Entertainment, to gain industry experience

ASU film senior Krystina Owens works in her studio in Gilbert, Arizona on Friday, March 29, 2019.

ASU film senior Krystina Owens works in her studio in Gilbert, Arizona on Friday, March 29, 2019.

At the end of her freshman year, film student Krystina Owens wanted to gain experience working in the film industry right away. Rather than waiting, Krystina took it upon herself to create her own film and animation studio, Innovelore Entertainment. Not only does she employ ASU students, but she has a group of animators under her employment. Together they bring their passion for animation and storytelling to life. She does this all while being a full-time student.

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My name is Krystina Owens. I am a film and media production major at ASU, and I graduate in the spring of 2019. I've always been a storyteller, ever since I was little. Movies are just absolutely magical. I love creating stories. When I was finishing up my freshman year of college, I was really inspired to get started in the film industry right away. I really wanted to get some experience, so I had some help with Praxis Resources, who's my current employer. I do HR paperwork for them, and I told them some of my ideas I was really interested in, and they helped me to get the financing and get started with Innovelore Entertainment. We are an animation and film studio focusing mainly on traditional animation for our projects.

As far as a purely animated studio that just works on narrative and feature content. I believe that we're one of the only ones in Arizona. My capstone project is called "The Author's Daughter." It is a film that combines live action and traditional animation similar to Roberts Zemeckis' "Who Framed Roger Rabbit." That was a really heavy inspiration of mine for the film. The movie, like I said, combines frame by frame animation, so we did the whole live action filming with the live action cast, and then now we're working with Innovelore Entertainment's animation team to draw over the footage. Every single frame and make the characters come to life in an animated world. 

On set filming for the live action cast, we brought in movement actors to play the animated characters to help keep eye lines consistent on the animation side and to also create a more natural performance for the live action cast, who were going to be acting with these animated characters. 

I've never met a student who owns their own studio in the same degree as mine. I think one of the things that we have the advantage of right now is being able to produce a lot larger projects. We have some client backing for financial endeavors. We have some clients that we're doing work for right now. Maybe we're a little bit more established than other student studios, but ultimately, we're still the same as far as passion and love for our craft. That's what we're really all together for, and we're really excited for what the future brings.  

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