Video: Sustainable artist makes solo exhibition debut at ASU's Wrigley Hall

ASU alumni Scott Schnieder opens his work to view on the third floor of Wrigley Hall

Sustainable artist, Scott Schneider opens his photography exhibit at Arizona State University's School of Sustainability Wrigley Hall (third floor) to portray the intimate beauty of our planet and the toxic detail that pollution and decay adds. 

Music: Presto - Vivaldi: The Four Seasons 

Scott Schneider: Hi I'm Scott Schneider, (the artist behind) 

Toxic/Nature Studios

I take macro photographs of trash, nature and even some textures such as rust. The photographs that I'm taking are to get people to notice the world around them. 

@5pieces_a_day is an Instagram account on my website which (the message) is basically you may not know what to do about issues as large as climate change or a toxic oil spill but there's a piece of litter, anyone can pick it up. And that's where @5pieces_a_day came from, it was just to show that I'm taking these beautiful macro pictures of trash and nature and rust, but I'm also doing something to try to improve the world around me. 

Over time I realized as I started to print for people and a lot of times in the beginning, when I was less established I would just print the way people wanted it printed, but as I started to grow in confidence and grow in terms of my sales, I decided I wanted to take that aspect of my process and make it sustainable. 

For instance, here everything is printed on bamboo, which is highly sustainable, and mounted on museum board, which is acid-free and recycled. The exhibit in Coral Spring (Museum of Art), I'll either be doing bamboo paper or possibly a linen, which is also highly sustainable, and I try to use magnets as much as possible. It's really a very minimalist approach. 

The opening event for the exhibit for the Coral Spring Museum of Art is March 26th. It was scheduled to overlap with Earth Day for 2020. They will also be doing a community clean-up, and I'm very excited to announce that I will be exhibiting with Mickey Hart from the Grateful Dead.

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