Video: ASU alumnus' band, Breakup Shoes, releases new EP

Breakup Shoes' new album "So Money Baby" hit streaming services on Sept. 27

Nick Zawisa, an ASU alumus, and his local Tempe band Breakup Shoes released their new album, "So Money Baby" on Sept. 27. They celebrated by performing at Phoenix venue The Rebel Lounge with the band Hate Drugs. The performance was their first sold out show. The new album is a step closer for the Breakup Shoes in defining their genre and sound as a indie-surf rock.

Song: "idk" by Breakup Shoes

Nick Zawisa: My name is Nick Zawisa and I sing and play guitar in Breakup Shoes.

Matthew Witsoe: My name is Matthew Witsoe and I'm the drummer.

John MacLeod: I'm John MacLeod and I'm the lead guitarist.

Derrick Lafforthun: My name is Derrick Lafforthun and I'm the bassist of Breakup Shoes.

Nick Zawisa: On Friday, Sept. 27, we're releasing this seven track album called "So Money Baby." So yeah, we actually have a bunch of them here which is exciting. 

Derrick Lafforthun: This EP is a little heavier, which, I personally like.

John MacLeod: I think we've all matured within our sound a little bit. I think we're all a little more confident too. I think that shows within this. 

Derrick Lafforthun: The couple songs that we have played live off of it have been a blast. 'idk' is definitely one of my favorite songs to play live.

Nick Zawisa: Each song is kind of it's own thing. It varies from sad to happy. About half of them are about romantic relationships, the other half are (about) existential dread. We worked with this really cool studio called Flying Blanket and this producer Bob Hoag who really helped us hone in on the sound we're going for. 

When I was going to ASU, TUF really helped us out a lot — The Underground Foundation. It wasn't our first show, but our second and third shows that we played were with them just because we got connected. But, yeah, just getting involved with like minded people is kind of the key, I feel like. Getting to know other people who are trying to do the same thing as you because you all just kind of help each other out moving up the ladder if that's what you want to do.

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