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An astrological deep dive to match ASU campuses with their deans

See why Libras are such a good fit for ASU's metropolitan Phoenix campuses


What sign is your campus? Illustration originally published Wednesday Oct. 13, 2021.

Every so often, Co-Star, the popular astrology app, will send out weirdly personal, chaotic, or purely confusing push notifications

Typically, I receive these notifications at school, and given the fact that the Downtown Phoenix campus turned 15 this year, it only seemed right to break down the horoscopes of ASU's four Phoenix metropolitan area campuses.  

To spice things up a little bit, I also emailed the deans of students of each campus for their zodiac signs to see how compatible the deans were with their campuses.


The bill to establish ASU — then the Territorial Normal School — was signed March 12, 1885, during Pisces season. This water sign, symbolized by the two fishes, is known for being selfless, intuitive and emotional. 

In an email, Cassandra Aska, dean of students at the Tempe campus, said she is a Gemini. Geminis, symbolized by the twins, have a bad reputation in the zodiac for being two-faced and flaky, but in reality they are excellent communicators and good at adapting to their environment.

Generally, compatibility between signs is best between pairings from the same element or pairings from opposite elements. For example, air signs are good matches with fire signs, and also other air signs.

This pairing is interesting since it is between an air sign and a water sign. However, both signs share a similar fluidity in their nature that makes for a flexible approach to the relationship.


West Campus, ASU's Glendale campus, was founded in Feb. 1986, making it an Aquarius. This air sign is known for its project-focused, visionary and humanitarian qualities.

In an email, Kendra Hunter, dean of students at the West campus, said she is a Libra. 

Libra, an air signs represented by the scales, is typically seen as diplomats due to its mascot. Although known to be indecisive, Libras are excellent leaders in their ability to bring people together, and they thrive in social situations.

Since they share an element, both air signs are able to form a strong connection due to their similar personalities. Both share a similar need for balance and a distaste for restrictions, which makes them a good fit. 


The ASU Polytechnic campus, formerly known as ASU East, was founded in fall of 1996. Given the assumption that the fall semester generally starts in early- to mid-August, that means the Mesa-based campus is a Leo.

Leos are charismatic fire signs, characterized by being passionate, assertive and ambitious. Represented by the lion, they are born to be leaders and the center of attention.

Similar to Hunter, Lance Harrop, the dean of students at the Poly campus, also said he is a Libra.

Both natural leaders of the zodiac, they understand the responsibility they share but approach it in different ways. At its core, the match between Leos and Libras is a lively one due to how the nature of their elements balance each other.

Downtown Phoenix

ASU's Downtown Phoenix campus, the newest campus, which was founded Aug. 15, 2006, is the second Leo placement in the University. 

Sharon Smith, dean of students at the downtown campus, said in an email that she is a Taurus. Represented by the bull, this earth sign is known to be stable, patient and stubborn. They also appreciate physical pleasures and staying comfortable.

This is another unconventional pairing, between an earth sign and a fire sign. Both signs have a mutual need for validation, in their own ways, and know how to provide that for each other. 

However, Taurus and Leo are quite aggressive signs, creating an all-or-nothing relationship between the two.


Moving outside just the campuses, here's some miscellaneous information about other signs around ASU.

The State Press originally debuted as The Normal Echo — back when ASU was the Normal School — on Oct. 18, 1890, making it a Libra as well. While not trying to toot our own horn, that seems fitting for a student newspaper, you know, objectivity and all. 

And for those interested, President Michael Crow is also a Libra, along with the deans from Poly and West. Running the University is apparently the perfect job for their diplomatic nature and leadership skills.

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