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Echo from the stars: Weekly Horoscope Sept. 5

This week's horoscopes for each star sign and their life at ASU

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For all of our astrology lovers, The Echo is diving into how the stars align each week. 

The first few weeks of college have now passed, and you have become more accustomed to your routine. You may not be sure where to go from here so let your horoscope this week guide you and offer advice.

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Aries (March 21 - April 19)

This upcoming week you should plan to go out with friends or a significant other. You may have been expelling your energy into class work and studying, but now is the time to destress and focus on exploring college life. Try a new restaurant near campus, go thrifting, or have a coffee date, something that is not too strenuous. Take the moment and enjoy the company around you.  

Mercury will continue in retrograde for the next week so even though it is almost through, the effects are still strong. Be aware of your efforts towards a significant other or friend and make sure it’s not one-sided. Communicate your true intentions clearly and ask them theirs if you are unsure. This is the time to have high standards, and you will meet the kind of person you have been longing for.  

Scent of the week: Cinnamon (Strong and Energizing) 

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)  

This week, arrange time to relax a little and take a break from the chaos of college life. You’ve been working hard on academics, but now is the time to occupy yourself with things you love to do outside of school. You have been putting a lot of energy into creating work you can be proud of, but remember you have to replenish that spent creativity. Remind yourself that this break is much needed and it’s ok to step away from work and school.

Mercury will continue to retrograde for the next week, but don’t let anything tell you that this break is for nothing. Sometimes we have to take a step back from it all to see the bigger picture. This break is just one of those crucial steps.  

Scent of the week: Cedarwood (Soothing and Warm) 

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)  

If you are nearing the end of a project and don’t feel accomplished, focus on enjoying the process rather than the result. College is full of assignments thrown at you all at once, but reflecting is going to be beneficial for you. Slowing things down will lead you to a calmer state of being and make you less frantic overall. Look around for the next opportunity to put in effort to your work.  

Mercury will continue retrograding for another week, so you might struggle with moving on to the next thing. You must remind yourself that this rut is just temporary and pushing forward is a part of growing as a student. Be patient with the process and you will soon be rewarded with what is in store for your academic journey.  

Scent of the week: Iris (Curious and Spontaneous)

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)  

This week you will be extremely motivated to expand your inner circle. You feel like this is the right time to make new friends in college and you are ready to put yourself out there. After taking a step back and recharging, you are more open to different people, and you are ready to surround yourself with friendships again.  

Mercury is still retrograding so be careful not to force yourself to mingle too much in case you become exhausted. If you meet someone that you can't connect with, don't push yourself into getting to know them when you know they aren't good for you. These newly formed connections should come easy to you during this chapter in your college life.

Scent of the week: Amber Wood (Inviting and Intuition)

Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22)  

Managing your expectations for this week is going to be a top priority. College life is exciting but now is the time to remember why you're really here. Furthering your education is of the utmost importance so focus on taking a few hours out of the day to catch up on any work you've missed. Refrain from distractions as this will put you further behind and it might already be too late to come back.  

Mercury is still retrograding which may cause you to lose motivation in your studies. Don’t let this be the reason why you slack off academically. Stay on top of your work even when it feels like a chore. You will soon find the academic part of being a student rewarding and fulfilling.  

Scent of the week: Citrus (Bright and Refreshing)

Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sep. 22)  

This week your dreams deserve your undivided attention outside of school. There are some things that you wish you could put focus on but haven’t found the time. If you're starting your new life in college, it has been stressful and taking up a lot of your personal time so you haven’t been able to do the things that truly make you happy. The goal for this week is to try to find the right balance between school and personal life. 

Mercury will continue to retrograde for the next week which will cause a lot of tension and stress for you if you don’t find balance. Just make sure you're separating your time wisely and, in the end, do what makes you happiest. 

Scent of the week: Pine (Clean and Peace)

Libra (Sep. 23 - Oct. 22)  

Last week was your time to recharge, but this week is the time to get back into the groove of everything. You took this time to grow and become a better person and student overall. That is something not many people succeed at, but now it’s time to focus on finding who you are at school. What are your strengths as a student and what are your weaknesses? What do you need to work on and what can you help others achieve academically? 

Mercury will continue to be in retrograde for the next week so don’t let this stop you from pursuing your wants and needs. Figuring this all out will help you become an independent person and you will not need to rely on others.  

Scent of the week: Rosemary (Equilibrium and Harmony)

Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21)  

Visualize your dream life this week. You have been helping the people around you recently, but now is the time to look towards your end goals. What do you hope to make of college? What do you plan to do while you are here? What are your hopes and aspirations for when you leave? Start to paint the picture of what you want life to be like after college. You may think it’s too soon, but you will thank yourself for starting early. 

Doubts will set in as Mercury is still in retrograde but don’t let this stop you from preparing for your future. You may rethink your academic path many times before you decide on one that will work for you. No need to stress out too much about the plan, just go with what feels right.  

Scent of the week: Jasmine (Passionate and Determination)

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)  

This week, get to know the people around you. Make an effort to talk more with these people. You have been focusing a lot on your self-improvement and progress in the academic world, but now it’s time to branch out and form long-lasting connections. This might be a little scary at first, but trust in your ability to come across as easy-going.  

Mercury will continue to retrograde, so you might be questioning your ability to form connections with people. Every zodiac sign is thrown off at this time, so it is alright if you are a little wary and scared, the other signs will come across as friendly and open so don’t worry too much about initial first impressions.  

Scent of the week: Eucalyptus (Complex and Serene)

Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19)  

Make it a point to have fun this week and let loose. You have been focusing a lot on how other people are feeling and doing. Now is the time to break out from that. Put all troubles aside and come back to it later because you can enjoy the little moments, whether it be with friends or at home, just enjoy life. 

Mercury is continuing to retrograde for the next week so this might put people off of your energy. They may think you’re making excuses or pushing away your problems, and this might come off as ingenuine. Remind yourself that you don’t owe people an explanation and you are allowed to have fun. 

Scent of the week: Vanilla (Reliable and Hardworking)

Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)

Appreciate your achievements as they come. Be proud of yourself for starting your college academics off strong. People are beginning to notice your intellect and that should give you motivation to continue your life in college no matter how hard the road is.    

Mercury will continue to retrograde for the next week so you might feel like all your work is for nothing. You may feel like school is too stressful and that you cannot handle it. This is the time to remind yourself you are mentally strong, and the people around you are counting on you to strive for greatness. 

Scent of the week: Clove (Shocking and Powerful)

Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20)  

This upcoming week, arrange a time to take care of your mental health. College has taken a huge amount of your time and energy which is causing you to feel drained from the little things. If you are in your first year, take some time for yourself to truly transition from life before college to now. This process should allow you to start becoming familiar with campus life and college in general. 

Mercury will continue to retrograde for the next week so this may cause you to think taking time off this soon is weak. Remind yourself that you never got the chance to fully adapt to your new lifestyle. College is a big change so make sure you become accustomed to it before you try and put all your effort into academics again.  

Scent of the week: Patchouli (Comforting and Relaxing)

Editor's Note: The dates for the star signs are from Ten Thousand Villages.

Edited by Claire van Doren, Jasmine Kabiri and Caera Learmonth.

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