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Weekly horoscope for ASU students to help reveal what is in store for the star signs


For all of our astrology lovers, The Echo is diving into how the stars align each week.

As we dive into the heart of November, the cosmic energies create a captivating aura over the ASU campuses, infusing our academic endeavors with celestial inspiration. Amid this divine dance, the stars illuminate our educational journey, guiding us through the final three weeks of the semester.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

This week, embrace intimacy and shed the mundane. The new moon in Scorpio activates your seductive powers, encouraging a deep connection with those who amplify their inner radiance. This cosmic nudge advises Aries to focus on genuine, soulful bonds, as efforts made during this period may solidify into lasting connections.

As the weekend approaches, Scorpio Sun and Mars align with Neptune, bringing a wave of creativity. This alignment could inspire you to think outside the box and develop innovative ideas. However, exercising caution when sharing their plans with others is essential, as Mars in Scorpio's privacy focus could make them more secretive and protective of their ideas.

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Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

This week, the stars advise caution, emphasizing that trust takes time, even in those moments of instant connection. Whether you're in a relationship or flying solo, the next six months hold potential for powerful pairings. Coupled Tauruses might be ready to take significant steps, while singles could stumble upon worthy co-conspirators. However, maintaining high standards is crucial.

The Sun and Mars align with enchanting Neptune, making it an opportune time to initiate conversations with individuals. Social media can be a powerful tool for spreading the word and finding collaborators, allowing for exploring creative projects or charitable endeavors.

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Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

This week, the stars light up your social sphere. The Scorpio New Moon emphasizes meaningful connections. While exploring partnerships, be cautious—trust takes time. Whether in a relationship or flying solo, the next six months offer potential power pairings

As the Sun, Mars and Neptune align, it is a promising time to start conversations. You can use social media platforms to expand your network and explore possible collaborations. By doing so, you can discover new opportunities and broaden your horizons. Remember to be patient, understanding and respectful in your interactions, and you will emerge from this period with more robust and meaningful connections.

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

This week, it's time to shine professionally as the Scorpio new moon puts your career aspirations in the spotlight. If you envision recognition for your talents, this cosmic energy encourages strategic planning and self-development. 

Sparks fly amidst your career focus, offering a fresh start in love or rekindling connections. As the weekend approaches, embrace the bold and daring energy, becoming the pursuer in romantic pursuits. The Sun-Mars-Neptune trio opens a strategic window for self-promotion, making it an opportunity to showcase your work and draw attention from influential figures. 

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Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22)

This week calls for some quality hibernation. The Scorpio new moon invites you to surrender to domestic bliss in your fourth house. Embrace relaxation and prioritize loved ones. Consider hosting a cozy gathering with your chosen family or friends for a nostalgic night. Use this time to refresh your living space, tapping into Scorpio's flair for design. 

If relocation is on your mind, start apartment-hunting with patience. As the weekend approaches, embrace closeness and connection. The Scorpio Sun and Mars align with Neptune, sparking meaningful interactions. Take advantage of opportunities for heartwarming connections and let your confidence shine.

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Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sep. 22)

This week, variety is the spice of your life. The Scorpio new moon stimulates your experimental third house, awakening your curiosity. Embrace the freedom to explore without committing to long-term projects. Dive into local happenings, join community groups, or create events aligned with your values.

Partnerships gain momentum as the Scorpio Sun and Mars trine enchanting Neptune near Friday. Seek dynamic duos for both personal and professional endeavors. Surprise proclamations of love may arise from unexpected places. This week, balance your quest for variety with strategic collaborations for a fulfilling college experience.

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Libra (Sep. 23 - Oct. 22)

This week, it's time to align your financial stars. The Scorpio new moon focuses on your budget-savvy second house, offering a chance to revamp your financial strategy. Take a close look at your bills and statements, and devise a plan to enjoy your hard-earned money wisely. This period is favorable for job hunting, updating your resume, and seeking financial advice.

Remember to slow down and organize your approach to completing tasks. The Scorpio Sun and energetic Mars align with Neptune on Friday, helping you find a productive pace. Identify your peak hours for concentration and schedule tasks accordingly. Leverage Mars' drive and Neptune's insights to collaborate with supportive individuals, ensuring a successful mission completion. 

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Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21) 

This week, gear up for a cosmic reset! With the new moon in Scorpio, akin to your astrological New Year, you're granted a surge of energy to craft wishes, set intentions, and outline goals until the corresponding Scorpio full moon next April. Take some invaluable, uninterrupted "me time" to fashion a vision board or articulate your desires on paper. 

As the week concludes, your magnetic charm takes center stage. On Friday and Saturday, the dynamic duo of Mars and the Sun align in your sign, forming a harmonious trine with Neptune. Seize this cosmic synergy to bolster your public profile by updating colleagues on your year-end triumphs through social media or memos. Embrace your authenticity and let your true self shine!

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Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)

This week, prepare for a meeting with your muse as the new moon in Scorpio graces your dreamy, mystical twelfth house. Take a break from the practical and allow your imaginative engines to roar. This week marks the start of a journey of self-discovery. Whether you're redecorating, starting a creative project, or a wellness routine, plant the seeds of inspiration now. 

Embrace the twelfth house's theme of surrender and growth. While you might not need to end relationships, a shift is on the horizon. Embrace the mantra of "live and let live," opening your mind to new possibilities that could surpass your limited vision. Every goodbye carries the potential for a fulfilling hello. Toward the week's end, stay receptive as the Scorpio Sun and Mars form a compassionate trine with Neptune. 

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Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19) 

This week, Monday's new moon in Scorpio lights up your eleventh house of community. While you've mastered being in charge, consider stepping back and letting others take the lead. Open up to your friends and online networks about your ambitions and needs — creating a dream team might make life more enjoyable and less burdensome.

As the Sun and Mars in Scorpio trine enchanting Neptune in Pisces on Friday, a popularity spike is on the horizon. This aspect opens doors to a new social scene that values down-to-earth authenticity over exclusivity. Embrace Neptune's warm support and consider volunteering during your spare time — it could lead to promising friendships. 

Cozy game: A Little to the Left

Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)  

With the annual new moon in Scorpio energizing your ambitious tenth house this week, it's time to tap into the professional powerhouse within you. This kickstarts a six-month cycle, propelling you up the ladder of success. Set strong intentions, envisioning where you want to be next year. Make critical contacts, attend meetings and workshops, and invest in your future by connecting with influential figures.

As the week concludes, focus on your finances and higher consciousness. Friday and Saturday bring inspired ideas, so brainstorm with peers over brunch, exploring socially responsible business models. Seek advice from those with lived expertise to avoid costly mistakes and ensure a savvy 2024.

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Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20)  

This week, wanderlust is on the rise! The new moon in Scorpio on Monday ignites your adventurous spirit, urging you to expand your horizons. Explore travel blogs, plan a trip and consider creative ways to fund your journey. The ninth house influence also sparks entrepreneurial endeavors and publishing projects. 

Over the next six months, launch a venture, expand your brand or explore educational opportunities. Friday and Saturday bring creative inspiration, so brainstorm big ideas. Be mindful of your compassionate communication; vent to a neutral party if needed. Embrace the cosmic flow and set your sights on a brighter, broader future.

Cozy game: Harvest Moon: One World 

Edited by Alysa Horton, Walker Smith and Caera Learmonth.

Editor’s Note: The dates for the star signs are from Ten Thousand Villages.

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