From Providence to Tempe and from football to basketball, meet Kimani Lawrence

Men's graduate student forward Kimani Lawrence joins reporter Austin Scott to talk about his early aspirations of playing in the NFL, growing up in a small sports market, his journey up to now as a Sun Devil and more.

Hispanic Heritage Month Roundtable: Change in the Latine Community, University Resources

In reflection on Hispanic Heritage Month, ASU student leaders speak with reporter Andrea Soto on change within the community and reflect on their own journeys.

New ASU production "EVERYBODY" determines roles by lottery

Reporter Peter Vezeau chats with three members of the cast of "EVERYBODY," a new ASU production where the cast takes on randomized roles every performance. 

The New Normal - Part one

A year after hybrid learning, ASU students have returned to campus. In this three-part miniseries, Reporter Sonya Sheptunov follows the lives of five students as they navigate college, hand-in-hand with the virus. 

Tech’s ethical quandary

New technology inevitably presents new challenges. State Press Magazine Reporter Sam Ellefson sits down with Pavan Turaga, the director of ASU's School of Arts, Media and Engineering, to discuss the ethics of artificial intelligence, machine learning and emerging technology at large.

Josh Doan discusses his hockey journey and the upcoming ASU season

State Press Reporter Austin Scott sits down with Sun Devil hockey freshman forward Josh Doan to discuss his hockey journey, the impact his dad – Arizona Coyote legend Shane Doan – had on him, and how his dream became a reality when he was drafted by his hometown team.

The Devils in the Details: Marijuana expungement

Join magazine reporter Kiera Riley as she interviews Carlos Diaz, who recently got his marijuana-related charge expunged from his record. Hear his experience first hand from arrest to expungement.

ASU Student Band Works to Reclaim the Word "Slut"

State Press Reporter Peter Vezeau sits down with Kaitlyn Kief and Derek Scott of the band Space Sluts to discuss their sound and latest EP, "Ombre."

The Devils in the Details: Marijuana expungement

Join magazine reporter Kiera Riley as she interviews Carlos Diaz, who recently got his marijuana-related charge expunged from his record. Hear his experience first hand from arrest to expungement.

American Forests: Map Of Tree Canopy In Phoenix Is Map Of Income, Race

APIA Performers Discuss Their Experiences With Racism, and How You Can Help

Podcaster Peter Vezeau sits down with two Asian and Pacific Islander American performers at ASU, Jiarui Ding and Brian Calo, to hear about their experiences on and off stage. They discuss the effects racism has on their performances, mental health and activist work.

Let's talk about gender, Harry Styles and dresses

How we dress, how we act and what we enjoy can all be affected by how the world sees us —specifically, how it sees us in terms of gender.  What does gender mean, though?  Why did everyone care so much when Harry Styles wore a dress on the cover of Vogue? Why don't we talk more about the ...

Lucha Libre is Performed From a Distance in New ASU Production

Lucia Mora, Lauren Voorhees and Nick Scaringelli all discuss their new production, "Luchadora," with podcaster Peter Vezeau. Luchadora is a virtual production premiering later this month about women challenging social norms and lucha libre wrestling.

Why the Future of Tight End and Secondary Positions in ASU Football Seem Bright

Join State Press sports editors Jeffrey Horst as he chats with reporters Leo Tochterman and Dylan Wilhelm about ASU football’s Maroon and Gold Practice and several improvements from two specific position groups.

After Losing Three Starting Pitchers, How is ASU Baseball Functioning?

Join State Press sports editors Alex Coil and Jeffrey Horst as they chat with reporter Alex Weiner on his recent piece about how ASU baseball will have to step up their game now that they've lost three starting pitchers to injury. 

How IDEA is Making a Platform for Diverse Performers

The co-presidents of IDEA, a student organization focused on inclusion and equity in the arts, discuss their upcoming project MOSAIC with podcast reporter Peter Vezeau. This production is centered around telling BIPOC and LGBTQ+ stories. Jalen Montgomery and Ramon "Chino" Saberano share their personal ...

How Kimani Lawerence Made a Game Changing Mental Shift

Join Sports Editors Jeffery Horst and Alex Coil as they sit down with reporter Carson Breber to do a deep dive on star ASU basketball player Kimani Lawrence and his mental shift tha made him a more versatile player.

An ASU Writing Center Helps Veterans Find Their Voice and Themselves

The Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing, the Pat Tillman Veterans Center, and the Office for Veteran Military Academic Engagement have partnered to form the Veterans Writing Circle, an opportunity for veterans to engage with each other as well as well as creatively express themselves. Travis ...

What can Netflix's "Night Stalker" tell us about how we look at serial killers?

Even if you don’t consider yourself a true crime fan, the influx of content about murders, disappearances and serial killers in the past few years has been almost unavoidable.  If you have a Netflix subscription, this is especially true.  Recently, one docuseries has been all over the platform’s ...

The Two ASU Throwers Dominating Shot Put, and plans to go Olympic

The State Press sports editors Jeffery Horst and Alex Coil sit down with sports reporter Lauren Hertz to chat about her pieces on two of ASU's star throwers, Turner Washington and Jorinde van Klinken. 



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