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‘Murder on the Orient Express’ isn’t as heavy as the title suggests

(11/09/17 1:00am)

In my opinion, a murder mystery filled with suspense, well-crafted dialogue and one jarring twist topped off with a bucket of buttery popcorn is one of the best uses of 2 hours one can have. It truly is the one genre where you actively engage with the movie by sleuthing along with the detective, and in that capacity, “Murder on the Orient Express” delivers. Unfortunately, the only thing that is really murdered is the dialogue.

‘Suburbicon’ takes dramatic juxtaposition to a new level

(10/27/17 1:14am)

Ethan and Joel Coen could probably be typecast as the pair of most unpredictable screenwriters in Hollywood in terms of their success. “Hail Caesar” and “Bridge of Spies,” for instance, reached 85 and 91 percent respectively among critics, according to Rotten Tomatoes. On the other hand, “Unbroken” and “Gambit” earned 51 and 17 percent respectively. While their films are unpredictable in quality, in “Suburbicon” their voices seem to be unintelligible. 

It might be ‘Goodbye Christopher Robin,’ but hello to the actor who plays him

(10/24/17 1:52am)

Just mentioning the name Winnie the Pooh, one cannot help but start to hum the familiar song that accompanies Pooh Bear on the start of his many adventures. After being around for nearly a century — since 1926 to be exact — it is hard to find a college student or parent of one who has not heard of the honey-loving guy. However, in director Simon Curtis’s “Goodbye Christopher Robin,” fans of one of childhood’s most beloved storybook characters get to witness his surprising beginnings.

'The Foreigner' is a fun action film, but it misses the point

(10/17/17 1:21am)

Jackie Chan has delighted audiences worldwide for decades. Between his hit action flicks and starring in the recent LEGO Ninjago Movie, Chan has been a Hollywood presence for as long as this reviewer has been alive. His latest film promised to highlight this popularity in a new light, but unfortunately, it doesn’t deliver. 

'Marshall' excels in story, suffers in execution

(10/17/17 1:46am)

Thurgood Marshall, a name almost every American has heard before. Perhaps best known for his role in Brown v. The Board of Education and for being the first African-American Supreme Court Justice, Open Road Film’s latest biopic directed by Reginald Hudlin, “Marshall” takes a look into one of the justice’s early, career-defining cases. 

SPM movie review: “Kingsman” remains faithful to the crown

(09/22/17 7:49am)

In an all too saturated market of reboots and nine-part movie franchises, having fresh ideas on screen was sorely needed by the time “Kingsman: The Secret Service” reinvented the spy genre only a few years ago. With its great and unanticipated success, its successor to the throne had a lot to live up to. 

‘The Dark Tower’ incites a quick-thrill, with an empty aftertaste

(08/03/17 6:39pm)

Have you ever gone on a rollercoaster and had a fun time, but the moment you stepped off immediately felt cheated out of your time and money? Maybe that’s too aggressive a metaphor, but after watching Nikolaj Arcel’s “The Dark Tower” I left like I had just gotten off that ride.