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The Sound of ASU

ASU students are making noise in the local music scene. Here's a breakdown of who is out there and where to see them.



Tempe avocado prices

Whether it be for guac or toast, here is a breakdown of the cheapest places to satisfy your avocado needs.



Eat This, Not That: Memorial Union Edition

Stopping for a bite to eat at the Memorial Union is quick and easy, but it is important to know the figures behind what you are ordering. Here is a visual breakdown of the best and worst items to order at the MU. 



A visual guide for ASU campus resources

ASU offers a multitude of on-campus resources, covering a variety of areas. Many students are unaware of these outlets for support. Here is a visual breakdown to help anyone find the service that meets their needs. 



Cartoon: Life of a food handler

Working in the food service industry isn't easy. Whether it's a grocery store, a posh family restaurant or the burger joint down the street, we all have to start somewhere.


Wild World Title

Cartoon: Wild World

Sometimes life at college can make you feel like you're going crazy. Through the eyes of one confused and overwhelmed student, those crazy feelings are his reality.


mystery hour header edit (1).jpg

Cartoon: Mystery Hour

I should've gone to bed hours ago, and I keep seeing a strange, dark figure. I wonder if he can help me with my essay.



Cartoon: Reel-O-Vision

Watch the world through a new lens. Enjoy parodies of today's issues told through yesterday's movie classics. This is new; this is entertainment; this is Reel-O-Vision.




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