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Graphic by Noemi Gonzalez.

London tube tunes for your inner anglophile

One of the biggest reasons I owe England part of my soul is The Vaccines. Posters promoting their most recent album “Come of Age” were plastered to walls of the tube. Songs like “If You Wanna” and “A Lack of Understanding” blasted through the speakers in Topshop as I looked at clothes I could never afford or pull off.


A Bird in the Hand

Bird watching is currently one of the fastest developing sports, and Arizona happens to be a great place to cultivate the skills for it.


Intricate makeup covers the face of a French model.
Photo contributed by Michael Traynor

Of Honey Bees and Fashion Models

As one SPM writer researched honey bee health on a Fulbright in France, her husband gained rapport as a photographer for French models despite his speaking hardly any French.


With another day complete, Pei Li looks towards the future.
Photo by Luu Nguyen

Going Miles for a Dream

A look into an international Chinese student's life through a photo and video essay. The student traveled from Beijing to Arizona to fulfill his journalism dream.


To Romania With Love

Find out why students flock to Dr. Ileana Alexandra Orlich, the director of the Romanian Studies program.


Hungary For Something New

From pre-travel jitters and communication mishaps to decadent dining and a personal realization, an SPM writer experiences what Hungary has to offer a traveler.


The State Press

The Park Bench Diary

One SPM writer took the road less traveled – packing up and shipping off for a trip to London, and sleeping without a roof over his head.


The State Press

It’s OK to be American

The negative stereotypes that the world associates with the U.S. have been dissipating, so American travelers should stop apologizing for their nationality.




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