Devil Dish: Broncos destined for Super Bowl

Athletes age and talent fades but Peyton Manning’s season has not only silenced the questions of his worth, but also he now has a strong following of fans dreaming of Super Bowl glory.

Manning has had less-than-stellar postseason performances in the past, but his win against the Chargers on Sunday was, in my opinion, all he needed to shake off any jitters he may have and make a real shot for the Super Bowl.

Tom Brady faces Manning this Sunday back at Denver, and while Brady’s talent is nothing to be underestimated and the Patriots have had a great season in their own right, it is the Broncos that will come out on top this weekend.

The season that Manning is having with the Broncos is literally unlike anything we’ve seen before in the sport. He has played like there is something to prove, because there is.

While Brady and the New England Patriots play to win a football game, Manning seems to be playing for something bigger. If setting a single season passing record isn’t enough to show you can still play, maybe a second Super Bowl ring will be.


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