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0:00, fourth quarter Ducks use "V" formation to run out the clock. Final score: Oregon 42, ASU 31.

1:31, fourth quarter Threet throws his fourth interception of the night. Cliff Harris of UO intercepts. That should lock it up for Oregon. They lead 42-31.

5:45, fourth quarter Threet throws another interception—this one at the 15-yard line. His third of the night. Yet another mistake when ASU had a chance to score. No way to count these errors.

8:19, fourth quarter: ASU will get the ball back yet again after holding Oregon. Chance after chance is passing the Sun Devils by.

10:07, fourth quarter: Threet misses a wide open Jamal Miles in the endzone and instead hits an Oregon defender for the touchback. ASU finding new and exciting ways to blow this game.

11:44, fourth quarter: The ASU defense again steps up and holds the Oregon offense. The Sun Devils will start at the 20. Time is starting to play a factor in this game.

12:48, fourth quarter: Every bounce is going Oregon's way. ASU punts, and the Ducks will take over at their own 15.

13:45, fourth quarter: ASU defense holds again. Outstanding, gutty performance by this unit. The stats of this game will not reflect how well they played.

0:06, third quarter: Another tough break for ASU. Deantre Lewis fumbles and Oregon recovers yet again. How many mistakes can this Sun Devil team possibly overcome?

0:50, third quarter: Oregon stopped again. ASU will take over at its own 38. The Sun Devils have completely controlled the time of possession in this game. Yet the Ducks' quick strike offense, and defensive touchdowns, have them out in front.

2:25, third quater: Threet makes me eat my words the very next play with a 15 yard touchdown pass to Mike Willie. Great physical play by Willie to muscle his way past the Oregon defender. Ducks lead 31-42.

2:31, third quarter: Steven Threet misses a wide open Kerry Taylor for a touchdown. Danny Sullivan could have made that throw.

4:57, third quarter: Disaster for ASU. A swing pass to Cameron Marshall is ruled a lateral, Oregon picks the fumble up and returns it for a touchdown. Ducks have scored 28 unanswered. 42-24 Oregon leads.

5:57, third quarter: Sun Devil defense holds. Oregon punts. ASU will take over from the 27. Need to make some noise on this drive. The offense hasn't done much this half.

6:52, third quarter: ASU forced to punt yet again. Ducks take over at their own 32. Sun Devil defense needs to hold here.

8:12, third quarter: Sun Devil secondary burnt bad on a pump and go and Oregon takes advantage with a long touchdown pass. Ducks extend lead to 35-24.

9:59, third quarter: ASU forced to punt. Oregon fumbles the ball. Sun Devils miss an easy opportunity to get another turnover. So many mistakes.

11:18, third quarter: Defense holds. Oregon forced to punt from its own endzone. ASU takes over at the Sun Devil 32.

13:08, third quarter: Spoke too soon. Cameron Marshall fumbles and gives the ball right back to Oregon. Wow.

14:52, third quarter: Oregon fumbles the opening kickoff and ASU recovers. Finally a break in the Sun Devils way. ASU takes over at the 20. Need a touchdown.

Halftime: No one ever said it was easy being a Sun Devil fan. At halftime, ASU trails Oregon 24-28.

0:48, second quarter: Just two plays later, Oregon gets the ball in the endzone to take a 28-24 lead over ASU. What a change of momentum.

0:53, second quarter: Questionable call by the officials on Burfict. The linebacker is called for a personal foul and gives Oregon a first down. A few minutes ago the same official missed a worse hit committed by a Duck.

1:19, second quarter: Flashbacks to the Super Bowl in Glendale a few years ago. Threet escapes a would be sack to throw deep to a wide open Jamal Miles, but the pass is just a bit too long and ASU will have to punt. Most teams won't try to do too much with just a minute remaining in the half. Most teams aren't Oregon.

2:21, second quarter: Ducks get the ball in the endzone with a touchdown throw from Darron Thomas to Jeff Maehl. ASU still leads 24-21. Thomas hasn't looked good so far under pressure, but give him time and he is making plays.

2:56, second quarter: Oregon is methodically marching down the field. First down at the ASU 29. Burfict limps off the field again.

3:56, second quarter: Unbelievable sequence of events. After an Omar Boldin interception, Steven Threet throws a 28 yard touchdown pass to Kerry Taylor down the sideline. ASU builds its lead 24-14. Taylor runs that play to perfection. The student section is going nuts.

4:24, second quarter: ASU takes the ball down to the Oregon 17 but fails to convert on a third and long. Thomas Weber drills a 34 yard field goal to put the Sun Devils up 17-14. Good thing Erickson has such a reliable kicker in his pocket.

5:55, second quarter: Burfict makes a first down saving tackle to force Oregon to punt. ASU will take over on its own 31. The defense is playing out of its mind right now. Offense needs to take full advantage while it still can.

7:23, second quarter: Steven Threet hits Mike Willie on a roll out pass in the back of the endzone. Sun Devils tie it up 14-14. Most of the ASU scoring drives this year have come via the running game. This time however, the ASU receivers led the charge.

10:30, second quarter: Gerell Robinson has four catches for 72 yards tonight. I forgot he still plays for ASU.

12:36, second quarter: Huge stop by the Sun Devil defense. ASU forces an Oregon punt and will start from the 15 yard line. Even if they don't score this possession, the Sun Devil offense needs to turn the field position battle back in its favor.

13:20, second quarter: After going three-and-out and punting from its own endzone, ASU has left Oregon with a short field to play with. Ducks will start from the Sun Devil 34.

15:00, second quarter: With Burfict back in the game, ASU stops Oregon's drive. The Ducks will punt from midfield. Interesting quarter of play. Can't help but think these defenses will start to get tired sooner or later. Look out for long scoring plays.

1:29, first quarter: Just one play after committing a facemask penalty, ASU linebacker Vontaze Burfict hops off the field favoring his right foot.

1:55, first quarter: ASU goes for it again on fourth down, but comes up short this time. Lewis stopped in the backfield before he can make a move. Oregon takes over at the 7. Another empty possession for the Sun Devils.

4:16, first quarter: ASU is answering quick here. The Sun Devils are already in Ducks territory at the 34.

5:15, first quarter: After leaving play earlier in the quarter Dan Knapp returns to the offensive line. Big series for ASU upcoming. Can't afford to play catch-up with Oregon.

5:21, first quarter: On a third down play, Steven Threet gets picked off by John Boyett, who returns it for an Oregon touchdown. 14-7 Ducks. That's Threet's first costly mistake of the season.

6:14, first quarter: That's the ninth touchdown run of 40 yards or more for Oregon this season. ASU will start at its own 20.

6:14, first quarter: Just like that Oregon takes the ball and goes 61 yards in four plays capped off by a 41 yard touchdown run by LaMichael James. We're tied 7-7.

7:25, first quarter: Love the call by coach Erickson. After a possession where his kicker let him down yet again, he had to roll the dice. The most gutsy part of the play was deciding to run behind the injury depleted left side.

7:25, first quarter: On a fourth down and one play, Deantre Lewis takes the carry 53 yards to the house for a Sun Devil touchdown. ASU takes the early lead. More importantly, Weber made the extra point this time around. 7-0 ASU.

10:48, first quarter: At the first TV timeout. Sun Devil Stadium filled out nicely. Still plenty of seats open, but a step in the right direction. Sun Devil offense looks good early on, but against the No. 5 team in the country, its tough to move the ball like ASU did and come up empty-handed. Thomas Weber needs to be on his game for ASU to have a chance tonight.

10:56, first quarter: Ducks go three-and-out on their first drive. Ensuing punt leaves ASU starting at its own 19. First Down.

11:56, first quarter: Sun Devil drive stalls at the Ducks 29. Thomas Weber misses a 47 yard field goal. Game still scoreless. Another empty possession for ASU.

14:20, first quarter: A Cameron Marshall catch and run coupled with a facemask penalty on Oregon has ASU on the Ducks 45 yard line. First Down.

Pregame: ASU wins the coin toss. Elects to receive.

Pregame: The student section is rocking. Unfortunately, the rest of the stadium is lacking. 8 minutes to kickoff. Remember to keep refreshing the page for new updates.

Pregame: ASU basketball recruit Jahii Carson on the field for tonight's game. 20 minutes to kickoff.

Pregame: Teams on the field warming up. Marching band coming up next. 30 minutes to kickoff.

Pregame: Oregon's wardrobe for tonight: Green helmet, white jersey with green trim and green pants. 45 minutes to kickoff.

Pregame: Bottom bowl of the student section already filled in. 60,000 plus expected for tonight's game.

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