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How to: Safely Online Date

Has early semester stress got you locked up in the confines of the library for hours without very much social interaction? Do you have trouble getting the attention of the clever boy or girl in your accounting class who seems to find the furthest desk away from you each session?

Yes, the dating scene has become more complicated with the growth of nightlife culture and social media outlets consuming the cyberworld. Before you give up finding Mr. or Mrs. Right and before you take the Craigslist approach, consider scheduling a date night with yourself and your computer. But beware of scamming behavior and disturbing profile snoops!

First, discover the site that is right for you. There are many sites available that will give you the unique experience you desire. As a college student, you aren’t looking to date someone nearly twice your age. Some sites, like, appeal to a younger generation of singles, as opposed to This is important when considering safety precautions. You don’t want to end up connected on a site that allows unwelcomed visitors (yes, the lonely old man you are envisioning that consistently sends Facebook requests) to view your profile.

Second, create your profile. This is the most uniquely “you” part of the process of online dating. Those who are interested in you are able to see your profile and are able to identify likable characteristics. Also, what you identify on your profile in relation to your likes and dislikes helps the database to match you with those who identify with these characteristics. But it's important that you refrain from including information that could be risky if insecurely supported. Of course there are always risks to revealing personal information on the Internet. Still, you have complete control over what you include in your profile as well as who is able to see your profile if you set regulations.

Another important quality of your profile is your picture. Issues regarding safety also feed into this topic because you want to make sure your aren’t revealing too much (if you catch my drift). Also, if you reveal yourself posed with a child, viewers might suspect you have a child while you think it makes you appear genuinely sincere. This may seem juvenile in relation to other details of the profile, but a picture communicates an even stronger message than words.

Third, never risk more than you are willing to lose. That said, know that communication is important before an initial meet-up and decide on a mutual location that's in an open area. You don’t want to feel trapped meeting someone for the first time because you will look uncomfortable, but more importantly, you are putting yourself at risk. Going on the first date is always exciting, but do not forget that you have never met this person before. Your mom told you to never get in the car with strangers. Well, consider this a reminder that old principles never fade, and your momma is almost always still right.

Happy e-dating.


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