The Campus Closet: “Digital Print Fashion” Exhibit at The Phoenix Art Museum

The process of making clothing is forever evolving, and with many technology revolutions taking place in the last few decades fashion has had many revolutions within itself.

Dress designed by Alexander McQueen. Photo courtesy the Phoenix Art Museum Dress designed by Alexander McQueen. Photo courtesy the Phoenix Art Museum

Every fashion designer has his or her own process when designing clothing, but many now use different graphic design programs to sketch textiles instead of a pencil and paper or other mediums of the past. Digital printing has also rapidly advanced within the last twenty years, allowing the way textiles are printed onto clothing evolve. The wide range of image sources from the web, limitless colors, and graphic programs have allowed designers to experiment more. With this advance of resources, designers’ creative possibilities have escalated along with their pieces.

Inside the Ellman Fashion Design Gallery in the Phoenix art museum you will find the latest exhibit “Digital Print Fashion.” The exhibit has pieces from many famous designers including Alexander McQueen (one of my personal favorites), Ralph Rucci, Issey Miyake and Mary Katrantzou. Each piece contains digitally printed textile designs.

I got the chance to see the exhibit Wednesday night. Seeing the pieces up close in person was definitely an experience. The dresses appeared extremely vibrant in color and the patterns were extremely intricate. The museum has also put together a selection of works that have lead up to this digital revolution to put into perspective how different these looks are.

I definitely recommend checking out this exhibit and seeing with your own eyes a revolution in fashion. The exhibit will be open until July 14th, so get out and see it!


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