From the Desk: Being here is a sweet treat

I should mention that as I'm writing this piece, I'm also snacking on a frosted brown sugar cinnamon Pop-Tart.

I'm Marie. I'm the Assistant Editor of SPM, and I'm a fanatic of books and baked goods.

I'm not normally a Pop-Tart consumer. In fact, I usually stray away from the boxed breakfast sweet at all costs. Today, however, I settle for a Pop-Tart.

My tiny breakfast spiel has a purpose, I promise. It's to say that sometimes we have to go with the sweeter things in life. For me, State Press Magazine is a sweet, sweet Pop-Tart. The resemblance is not in the breakfast treat's fattening and unhealthy effects, but in the way that its sweetness brings me happiness.

I came to college with the idea that higher education had to teach me to become a professional with a high-paying job. At the time, I wanted to be pre-law, and supplement my studies with International relations. Somewhere at the turnpike from high school to college, I suppressed my desire to write, read, and embrace words. Sure, words would be important as a lawyer or diplomat, but writing poetry and Fanfiction wouldn't get me a job.

As much as I love the study of politics, reading and writing have been my passions. After two and a half years of pure political study, I clicked on the 'Work for Us' link on the State Press website. I was pulled into a delightful whirlwind that is "Literally Speaking", and now I'm an Assistant Editor.

The first few weeks of this position have been a learning process - getting organized, and balancing school and another job, have been a stressful but exciting experience. There's more to come, and I honestly can't wait. I love keeping my mind busy, and all of these things do that.

This busy life needs distractions too. When life and work get rough, I reach out to Vsauce and the vlogbrothers Youtube channels to keep me sane. Slam poetry reminds me that other people have struggles too, usually way deeper than mine.

So, I'll keep taking a bite out of this sweet treat, and I hope you'll join us on this journey too. SPM has so many exciting things ahead.

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