Detroit Coney Grill find new fans in Phoenix

The aroma of freshly grilled beef wafting from the kitchen inside Detroit Coney Grill is the first sign that lets you know David Najor knows what he’s doing. A full house of satisfied lunch-hour customers is not far behind.

Entering Detroit Coney Grill gives the sense of genuine home cooked food. From the throwback interior that includes parlor-style chairs and simple (yet highly appropriate) wall décor to the visible kitchen where orders are announced and brought directly tableside, the environment is immediately welcoming.

Najor, a Detroit native and owner of Detroit Coney Grill, officially opened its second location April 1, and a flock of coney faithfuls have already become regulars of the downtown Phoenix location, located at 16 West Adams St. The restaurant’s Tempe location, located at 930 W. Broadway Road, has experienced success since it opened in 2013. It is commonplace for Najor to address patrons by first name as he makes it a point to visit tables, personally check on orders and greet customers upon entering. The customers do the same.

“Come back and see us again,” Najor exclaims, as two customers thank him for a delicious meal.

Javie Jasso, the manager at Detroit Coney Grill, says the staff-customer relationship adds a unique feeling to the restaurant.

“We become friends,” he says. “People are so busy, and they come here to take a break.”

One such customer, Becca Kemp, devoured her coney dog on Detroit Coney Grill’s quaint street-front patio. Kemp, a new fan of coney dogs, says she is thrilled to have a new lunch spot downtown catering toward comfort food.

“The food is fresh,” she says. “I can definitely see myself as a repeat customer.”

What truly makes Detroit Coney Grill standout is the selection of fresh beef links, Angus burgers and imported products from Michigan.

“Our cuts are natural beef, in a natural casing,” Najor says. “We grind all of our burgers in-house, cut our own potatoes, and cut our own chicken.”

It doesn’t stop there. Customers searching for lighter fare will find numerous pita and varied salad choices as well.

“We cater to everyone, and we have a veggie option,” Najor adds.

Products shipped from Michigan add to the lunch spot’s authenticity.

“We import three products,” Najor says. “The coney dogs themselves, Faygo Pop, and Better Made chips.”

The award-winning food offers a reason to return.

“We were voted the 30th best restaurant in America,” Najor says of Yelp’s 2015 Top 100 Places to Eat. “One of the reasons we won is because of our Angus chuck burgers.”

Najor says his goal was to keep Detroit Coney Grill as real as possible.

“We couldn’t find an honest coney dog restaurant in the Valley,” he says. “I want our coney dogs to be true to the same ones found in Detroit.”

Keeping the product genuine and upheld to Detroit standards is the key to Najor’s success.

“We aren’t like anyone else serving coney dogs in the Valley,” he says. Detroit Coney Grill’s reputation for freshness, quality, and customer service prove the point.

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