DJ Party Favor and Red Bull bring a silent rave to The Secret Garden

A lucky 250 students were treated to a raging silent disco party at ASU's Secret Garden Wednesday night as Red Bull and DJ Party Favor rang in the new fall semester with booming electronic dance music.  

Unless you heard about it from a friend, the only way students could know about this show is through Twitter by following Party Favor and Red Bull.  Each account tweeted about the secret show Wednesday as the sun was setting.  

However, the bass drops weren't played through speakers for the whole campus to hear.  Instead, headphones that glowed in the dark were given out to attendees, creating a sea of neon blue across the crowd.  

Business and communications sophomore Chris Lewis said he only found out about the event because he keeps up with a lot of well-known DJs on social media.

"I looked on (Party Favor's) twitter and saw he was performing," he said.  

Lewis added he liked the idea of a secret rave going on at ASU, but wished the silent headphone aspect wasn't included.  

"It changes the vibe much more," he said.  "It's just awkward."  

Exploratory freshman Kimberly Curto agreed with these statements.  

"It's a little weird," she said.  "I was expecting bigger speakers and louder music." 

Curto said she lined up to gain access to the show around 8:30 p.m., but many students that came later were turned away and left to scream from the outside walls of The Secret Garden.  

Psychology freshman Alyssa Bralich was one of these outsiders, but she wasn't letting it affect her mood.  

"It is what it is," she said.  "We're pretty much just trying to make the most of it."  

For the students that made it up front for Party Favor's set, the dancing said it all.  Even when the audience is limited to headphones, the DJ was able to make people lose their minds. 

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