From campus expansion to the Iowa Caucus, here are the week's top stories

Can you believe the week has already flown by? Take a minute to read The State Press' top stories of the week.

Tempe USG President Isaac Miller on his background, policy goals and the nature of leadership

Photo by Ben Moffat | The State Press

At first glance, Tempe USG President Isaac Miller's appearance does not scream power. Reporter Aaron Kimbel-Sannit took some time to get to know the young man who leads one of the largest student bodies in the nation.

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ASU: The new ideal

Photo by Ben Moffat | The State Press

ASU gets a bad reputation in the mainstream media. But as students, we have had the opportunity to see and experience the University for what it really is. Columnist George Heiler explains the changing identity of ASU.

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ASU to expand to downtown Mesa

Photo by Jennifer Bauer-Leffler | The State Press

ASU is slowly becoming Arizona's university. This week the University announced the installment of a fifth campus to be built in Mesa. Reporter Jessica Suerth breaks down the plans for the campus and how it will affect ASU and its student body.

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Tempe USG opposes controversial House bill that would allow concealed carry weapons on campus

Photo by Jennifer Bauer-Leffler | The State Press

Tempe USG this week showed opposition to a controversial bill that would allow concealed carry weapons on campus. Reporter Arren Kimbel-Sannit learned more about what led to the decision and what it will change.

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Starbucks menu options decoded

Photo by Ben Moffat  | The State Press

Sometimes it may feel like you need to understand a second language in order to make sense of the Starbucks menu. Columnist Graham Paul has that problem and he put together something that will help you understand the many, many drinks of Starbucks.

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Meet the students from Michael Phelps' Curtain of Distraction skit

Photo by Reilly Kneedler | State Press

Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps stopped at an ASU basketball game to show his support for the Sun Devils. Reporter Logan Newman spoke with 942 Crew members and learned more about their experience with Phelps.

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Who cares about Iowa?

Photo by Rebecca Petersen | The State Press

Why do political junkies always mention the Iowa Caucuses when discussing the election? Columnist Austen Bundy took the time to research the history of the Iowa Caucus and what role it plays in the 2016 election.

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ASU women's basketball collapses in third quarter at Oregon State

Photo by Daniel Kwon | The State Press

ASU women's basketball could not find a way to win this week against Oregon State. Reporter Ryan Clarke details what went wrong for ASU in the final minutes of the game and what the Devils plan to do going forward.

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