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Get Sun Devil spooky with the 'most innovative' Halloween costumes

Give those traditional angel and devil costumes a run for their money

Action and superhero costumes (available at Party City and are among the top Halloween trends for 2016.

Cats, witches, mummies, devils — Because ASU is the most innovative University in the U.S., the sky is the limit for Sun Devils trying to find a last-minute Halloween costume.

Here are six Sun Devil Halloween costumes that live up to the name #1 In innovation:

1. Victim of A Walk-Only Zone

The Catch: Walk-only zone signs speckle ASU’s Tempe campus. These zones were originally instituted to prevent pedestrian crashes with wheeled vehicles and control traffic. However, not all students abide by these rules.  

The Costume: Pull out the fake blood and warped bicycles to represent a "I'm really late to class" mishap. 


2. Unlimited M & G

The Catch: Maroon and Gold dollars are money that Sun Devils can use to purchase food a select locations on campus such as Qdoba and Pei-Wei. An unlimited M & G meal plan has many students feeling like they're rolling in dough, so why not incorporate the prized possession of many college students into your last-minute costume?

The Costume: Have some extra red and gold Monopoly dollars lying around? Get an empty Starbucks cup and a box of Chick-Fil-A and, bam, you're a meal plan.


3. “She Doesn’t Even Go Here”

The Catch: The Mean Girls line "She doesn't even go here" has gone down in history as one of the most iconic movie quotes. Dressing up as Regina George or the typical bunny/cat costume is the less innovative approach to a Mean Girls costume, so take an ASU spin and play off of in-state rivalries.

The Costume: Dress up as a student from out-of-state schools such as NAU, Grand Canyon University or, if you're feeling extra brave, UA. Snag a shirt and some face paint with ASU’s rival school’s colors, or grab a mug and foam finger and rehearse the NAU fight song. 


4. Blackboard

The Catch: Sun Devils develop a strong relationship with ASU's Blackboard site by the end of their years in college. From students' grades to class announcements, Blackboard has it all, and it also has the potential for a cheap and original costume.

The Costume: Running low on cash and supplies? The oldest trend in the book: construction paper and creativity. Put a spin on this costume and cut and paste the layout of ASU’s Blackboard site, or go old-school and break out an actual chalkboard. Bring along some chalk for people to write with. If you're going for a more realistic approach, write "404 - ERROR PAGE NOT FOUND" on a t-shirt.


5. A Former Taco Bell Employee

The Catch: It was with a mournful gaze that many Sun Devils watched the Memorial Union Taco Bell close down last spring semester. 

The Costume: Update the public on the whereabouts of the Taco Bell employees whose careers ended abruptly by dressing up in a black polo and a Taco Bell hat.


6. Bee Swarm

The Catch: Email alerts swarm Sun Devils on the Polytechnic and West campuses. Represent these monumental bee swarms that have forced many students to reroute to their next class.

The Costume: Grab those yellow and black cotton balls! Get creative this year and convince other students of the monstrosity that is bees on campus.


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