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Neon club member Mike Butzine bends glass on Nov. 17, 2016. 

Neon Club

Mike Butzine exemplifying his glass bending techniques; November 17, 2016

Neon Club

Mike Butzine and Patrick Brandt pose next to some pieces created by members of the Neon Club featured in one of ASU's art galleries; November 17, 2016

Neon Club

Mike Butzine glass bending in the Sculpture Studio; November 17, 2016

Ruihao Zhang engages the Rainbow Connection before they start their next activity on Sunday, Sept. 25, 2016.

ASU's American Pankration club poses for a group photo with featured special guest coach, John Matthews, on Monday, Sept. 12, 2016.

Training Video

John "The Iceman" Adams teaches student Justin Martinez skills; Mon. September 12, 2016

Infographic by Emma Sounart



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