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District 20 Candidates - ASU West

Legislative District 20 includes ASU's West campus, making its races something for West students to watch

Here's a look at the candidates for Arizona State 20th District, which encompasses parts of Glendale, and north Phoenix including the ASU West campus. Voters will elect one state senator to replace Republican incumbent Rep. Kimberly Yee, who is running for Arizona treasurer. 

Voters will also elect two District 20 representatives. 

No Democrats have been elected to Legislative District 20 since the district was drawn in 2012.

District 20 State Senate 

Douglas Ervin (Democrat)

Douglas Ervin is running for the State Senate seat in District 20. 

Ervin won the Democratic primaries against Matthew Marquez on Aug. 28, 2018. He is an accountant who also tutors second grade classes. The main reason he decided to run for State Senate is because of his opposition to a 2017 legislative vote that expanded the voucher program and removed money from public schools. 

Education: Ervin believes in increasing funding for teachers and public schools for K-12, in order to improve the quality of education. He supports nearly free community colleges and an expansion of trade schools.

Environment: Ervin believes Arizona should lead the Nation when it comes to climate change. As state senator he would call for more investment in electric vehicle charging stations throughout rural Arizona, as that’s the main reason many don’t buy electrically-charged cars. 

LGBTQ Rights/Equal Rights Amendment: Ervin was endorsed by Stonewall Democrats of Arizona. “You treat all people with respect.” He favors bills that would implement anti-discrimination laws for LGBTQ individuals. Ervin says the Equal Rights Amendment would be the first bill he would vote for if he was able to, “as all human beings deserve equality.”

Reproductive Rights: Ervin favors pro-choice and believes abortion is a decision between a woman and a doctor and that it is not the right of the government to intervene. 

Border Control/Immigration: Ervin agrees with other Democratic candidates that the immigration system needs revamping. He says when it comes to border security, we need more border patrol agents and not a wall across the entire border. Ervin believes DACA recipients deserve a path to citizenship. 

Healthcare: Ervin says healthcare is a right, not a privilege and thinks everyone deserves access to quality affordable healthcare. He says that it would take baby steps to get there. 

Economy: Ervin casts himself as an accountant and a corporate tax auditer his experience when it comes to working on the economy. He believes in setting up the corporate income tax rates so that they truly give companies an incentive to invest in Arizona. Ervin also says that District 20 needs to find a replacement for Thunderbird School that has been moved from Glendale to downtown Phoenix. 

Paul Boyer (Republican) 

District 20 Rep. Paul Boyer poses for a photo.

Rep. Paul Boyer was elected as a District 20 state representative in 2012 and is running for the state senate seat in the same district. In the Arizona Legislature Boyer is the Chairman of the House Education Committee.

He grew up in the West Valley and is an alumnus from the ASU West campus.

Education: Boyer believes that parents should have the right to school choice. He said that teachers' unions and education groups shouldn't be put ahead of children. 

Healthcare: Boyer does not elaborate on his healthcare views on his website, but he voted for a 2015 bill that prohibited parts of Obamacare in Arizona. 

Environment: Boyer has not made a statement about his stance on this issue. 

LGBTQ Rights/Equal Right Amendment: Boyer says that marriage is between one man and one woman, and that the government should promote that definition.

Reproductive Rights: Boyer says he is pro-life and that taxpayers should not cover any abortions. He believes that abortion providers should show ultrasounds to the mothers and calls Planned Parenthood "Big Abortion" on his website. 

Immigration/Border Control: Boyer calls for a secure border and that Arizona must do everything it can to "not incentive those who are here illegally and protect those who are here legally."

Economy: Boyer wants a business friendly economy in Arizona and is in favor of cutting state spending. He says higher tax rates don't lead to more tax revenue without economic growth. He is supportive of lower taxes and fewer regulations for small businesses. 

Doug Quelland (Independent)

Doug Quelland is a business owner and high school coach running as an Independent for State Senate in District 20. He served as a Republican House Representative in the early 2000s according to, but was removed from office in 2010. 

Quelland says he is the only candidate that can't be influenced by special interests. " Power goes to their heads and staying in office trumps the will of the people," he said in his Clean Elections Commission entry.

Quelland does not elaborate on other views. 

District 20 House of Representatives

Hazel Chandler (Democrat)

District 20 candidate Hazel Chandler poses for a photo.

Hazel Chandler is running to be elected in the Arizona House of Representatives in District 20. 

In her Clean Elections Commission entry, Chandler said she will evaluate legislation based on three standards: 

"One, is it good for the people in our district? Two, are we identifying the core issue? Three, how will this legislation affect future generations?" 

Education: Chandler says teachers are not respected by the state and that she will vote for bills that would increase funding to public schools. She also said she’ll work to try to make community colleges free.

Environment: Chandler considers the environment one of her top priorities.She says a preference of fossil fuels in Arizona over renewable energy is "hindering our progress toward a sustainable future."

She wants to work on improving air quality. She says early exposure to pollution causes illnesses to children.

Health care: Chandler says she wants to focus on a system that addresses overall health rather than just the symptoms, which she says will be more cost-effective. She also believes people should have a choice in their health care.

Immigration/Border Control: Chandler says that a wall will not solve the problem at the border. She believes that the a path to citizenship should be given to DACA recipients.

LGBTQ Rights/Equality Rights Amendment: Chandler thinks it’s appalling that LGBTQ anti-discrimination laws haven't been passed yet. She said she would vote any bill that would support that change. 

Chandler also said that Arizona could be the state to ratify the Equality Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which proposed and she will continue to advocate for it, a proposed 

Reproductive Rights: Chandler supports women's right to an abortion under Roe v. Wade and says that the government “has no business” in handling reproductive rights. 

“It shouldn’t be a political issue," she says. 

Economy: Chandler believes that the economy will thrive when the government invests in education and the environment. She also thinks that the economy should be working for all of the population, and not just for the few at top. 

Chris Gilfillan (Democrat)

Chris Gilfillan is running for State House Representative in District 20. 

Gilfillan is running for elected for the office of Arizona House Representatives. He won the Democratic primaries along Hazel Chandler on August 28, 2018. He ran in the 2016 primary elections for the same position but lost in the primaries to incumbent Republican representatives Paul Boyer and Anthony Kern. 

Gilifillan is a journalism graduate and has a law degree. When he’s not working as a lawyer, he works on supporting initiatives and campaigns for other candidates. 

Education: Gilfillan is an advocate for education in Arizona and says students are a top priority. He wants to bring back more investment into education that was lost during the recession. He believes community colleges should be nearly free for students. 

Healthcare: Gilfillan believes healthcare should be affordable to everyone and affordable access to doctors and the care people need is a right. He disagrees with those who want to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  

Environment: Gilfillan believes that the government should do a 100-year plan for Arizona’s water supply. Additionally, he would vote for legislation that would protect Arizona’s perennial rivers and springs from excessive ground pumping. He believes it’s something that could be worked on in a bi-partisanship matter. 

LGBTQ Rights/Equal Right Amendment: Gilfillan says that people shouldn’t be treated based on their sexual orientation. He would vote for legislation that would ratify anti-discrimination laws statewide. On the Equal Rights Amendment, he would vote for it to make sure Arizona becomes the 38th state to ratify the amendment. 

Reproductive Rights: Gilfillan is not in favor of reversing Roe vs. Wade and believes it’s the right of a woman to decide what she wants to do with her body. He said as a Catholic, this is a topic that’s controversial but the government should not be able to intervene in reproductive issues. 

Immigration/Border Controls: Gilfillan says that he supports DACA recipients and undocumented immigrants, and that they are as American as anyone else. He also believes that they should be able to pay in-state tuition if they meet the resident requirement. In border control, he believes that America needs a more secure border, but the money should be invested in more agents and not a wall. 

Economy: Gilfillan says that the economy is tied to the education. He believes that for companies to want to open in Arizona, they are looking for a stronger education system. He is the only Democratic candidate endorsed by the Arizona Technology Council. 

Anthony Kern (Republican)

Anthony Kern is running for reelection as a representative in District 20. His key issues are government transparency, job creation, tax reduction, 2nd Amendment rights and limiting the size of government.

He says on his website that he works to "promote individual liberty and freedom."

Kern said he has fulfilled his promises to help balance the budget and increase school funding and teacher pay. 

He does not list views on the other topics.

Shawnna Bolick (Republican)

Bolick was appointed to the Arizona State Board of Education's Academic Standards Development Committee, according to her website. She works with several grassroots political and advocacy organizations.

She graduated from Syracuse University with a bachelors degree in policy studies and has worked in grassroots politics since her time at Syracuse University. 

Education: Bolick believes children are an "undervalued resource." She says teachers whose students excel academically should receive compensation for it. She advocates for STEM education and says curriculum should be set by the individual schools rather than the federal government. 

Healthcare: Bolick believes government should be less involved in how people choose healthcare. She supports repealing Obamacare and a more "consumer-driven" healthcare system. 

Climate Change: Bolick has not made a statement about her stance on this issue.

LGBTQ Rights/Equal Right Amendment: Bolick has not made a statement about her stance on this issue.

Reproductive Rights: Bolick believes the right to life should be protected. 

Immigration/Border Controls: Bolick says locals near the Arizona/Mexico border want more Border Patrol and fencing. She wants to end "chain migration" and create a better immigration system. To do that she says "we must restore a work-based immigration system by limiting preferences to spouses and minor children."

Economy: Bolick wants to limit the government and cut wasteful spending. She wants an economy based on a free market with fewer regulations. 

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