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Legislative District 24 candidates — Downtown Phoenix campus

A run down of the District 24 candidates appearing on the ballots of students on the Downtown Phoenix campus


Students cross the street outside of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication building at ASU's Downtown Phoenix campus on Wednesday, April 11, 2018. The campus is located in Arizona's 24th Legislative District.

Arizona's 24th Legislative District covers south Scottsdale and parts of Phoenix, including the ASU Downtown Phoenix campus. 

There are two Senate candidates running for the one seat, and four House of Representative candidates running for the two seats. Sen. Lela Alston and Reps. Jennifer Longdon and Amish Shah are the incumbents running on the ballot. 

A Republican has not been elected to represent the 24th Legislative District since 2012. 

District 24 State Senate

Lela Alston — Democrat

Arizona State Sen. Lela Alston poses for an official government portrait on Thursday, Feb. ‎28, ‎2019 in the Arizona State Senate building. 

Sen. Lela Alston currently represents Arizona's 24th Legislative District and is running for re-election in 2020. Alston currently serves on the Senate Appropriations, Senate Finance and Senate Government committees. Alston has been involved in the Arizona Legislature for 28 years, being first elected in 1976.  

Education: Alston's campaign site states the Arizona's Legislature's "persistent attacks" and "budget strangling" has led to fewer educational opportunities for students. Alston believes that quality education, including K-12 and higher education, that is accessible and affordable will lead to individual success and broader economic success for the state.

Health care: Alston's campaign says she believes in affordable health care, including reproductive and behavioral health care.

Immigration and border control: Alston's campaign does not provide an explicit stance on immigration or border control, but in the past she has voiced her support for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, as well as her opposition of President Donald Trump's immigration policies. 

Economy: Alston has expressed her belief in improving education to create a more skilled workforce. According to her campaign website, Alston advocates for "policies that improve the well-being of everyone."

Civil rights and civil liberties: According to Alston's campaign website, she believes the Arizona Legislature has "shown its disregard" for those in Arizona that are minorities, disabled, elderly and those part of the LGBTQ+ community. Alston claims she will advocate for equal treatment under the law for Arizonans.  

Alston was endorsed by Equality Arizona

Alston supports "common sense gun laws," which includes universal background checks, a ban on bump stocks and raising the age to purchase a firearm to 21. 

Ray Michaels — Republican

Arizona State Senate candidate for Legislative District 24 Ray Michaels has his photo taken on Friday, September 18, 2020.

Ray Michaels was a write-in candidate in the August primary for the Republican Party. According to his campaign website, Michaels is looking to serve Arizona as "a Statesman and not Politician."

Education: Michaels' campaign website lists education as one of his top priorities. 

According to survey response answers given to Ballotpedia, Michaels believes education should teach students how to be "good people and citizens," and focus on America's founding history, American citizenship, and "what it means to live in and be a (part) of the greatest experiment in human history." 

Health care: Michaels' campaign website includes quality health care as a "foundational pillar" of his campaign, however it does not provide an explicit policy plan. 

Economy: Michaels' campaign lists as a top priority the development of a "robust economy." 

In his responses to Ballotpedia, Michaels said he believes in a free market system, without "excessive government regulations and barriers." 

Civil rights and civil liberties: Michaels lists family and faith based values as a pillar of his campaign.

In Michaels' response to Ballotpedia, he said public safety should be the government's first priority, meaning all levels of government protect a citizen's life, liberty and property. 

Michaels' campaign does not provide an explicit stance on immigration and border control.

District 24 State House 

Jennifer Longdon — Democrat 

Jennifer Longdon poses for a photo on an unknown date in 2018.

Rep. Jennifer Longdon is a current member of the Arizona House of Representatives and is running for re-election in 2020. As a representative, Longdon is a member of the House Natural Resources, Energy and Water Committee and the House Public Safety Committee. 

In the past, she served as part of organizations in the Valley including the Phoenix Mayor's Neighborhood Advisory Council, the Statewide Independent Living Council of Arizona and Arizonans for Gun Safety. 

Education: Longdon's campaign website claims she supports funding education, and quality education should be "affordable and attainable" for all students. This includes K-12 education, as well as community college and other higher education options. 

Longdon is a recommended candidate by the Arizona Education Association Fund

Health care: Longdon's campaign website says she believes in providing quality and affordable health care to every Arizonan.

Longdon was endorsed by the Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona for her work regarding health care in Arizona. 

Economy: Longdon's campaign does not include an explicit policy regarding the economy, but she has been endorsed by the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Civil rights and civil liberties: Longdon's campaign lists equality as one of her priorities. Longdon believes in workplace protections, advocates for accessibility and claims no one should "fear police violence because of the color of their skin."

Longdon is an advocate for "common sense solutions" to gun violence and for the disability community, stemming from when she was paralyzed in 2004 after a random drive-by shooting. 

Longdon's campaign does not provide an explicit stance on immigration and border control.

Amish Shah — Democrat 

Dr. Amish Shah poses for a photo at an unknown date.

Rep. Amish Shah is a current member of the Arizona Legislature and is running for re-election. As a representative, Shah is a member of the House Health and Human Services Committee and the House Regulatory Affairs Committee.

Outside of his work in the legislature, Shah is board certified in emergency medicine and sports medicine, and he founded the Arizona Vegetarian Food Festival

Education: Shah's campaign website includes education as a top priority. Shah believes that proper education contributes to a better economy, and to achieve this Arizona needs to raise revenue to provide better funding to schools and increase teachers' salaries. 

Health care: Shah believes in providing universal health care to Arizonans. His campaign website mentions his experience working in emergency rooms throughout Arizona and the problems he has seen patients face with insurance as his reasons for supporting universal health care. 

Civil rights and civil liberties: Shah's campaign does not include explicit policy regarding civil rights and civil liberties, but in the past he has voiced support for the Equal Rights Amendment

Shah's campaign does not provide an explicit stance on immigration and border control or on the economy.

David Alger Sr. — Republican

David Alger Sr. was a write-in candidate for the Republican Party during the August primary. Little information is publicly available about his campaign. 

Education: On Alger's campaign on Facebook, he has expressed his support for allowing parents to choose education options that best suit their children. He has also claimed that funding for education is not the problem, but rather how the funds are being distributed. 

Health care: Alger shared an opinion piece from a right-leaning media source on his campaign Facebook criticizing universal health care. 

Alger's campaign does not provide an explicit stance on immigration and border control, the economy or civil rights and civil liberties. 

Robyn Cushman — Republican 

Robyn Cushman was a write-in candidate for the Republican Party in the August primary.

Education: On Cushman's campaign website, education is listed as a top priority in regards to the "safe return" of students and teachers during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Health care: Cushman's campaign website includes "access to quality, affordable health care" as a top concern.

Economy: Cushman supports "reopening" business, in regards to restrictions placed in response to the spread of COVID-19. 

Alger's campaign does not provide an explicit stance on immigration and border control or civil rights and civil liberties. 

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