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ASU lacrosse strength coach propels program with personalized training plans

Pete Alosi helps athletes reach their full potential with workout plans for each player on the team


Pete Alosi during lacrosse practice on Wednesday, Sept. 8 2021 at the Sun Devil Lacrosse Practice Field in Tempe.

Peter Alosi has made personalizing workouts his top priority as ASU women's lacrosse strength coach.

Alosi's experience in top programs like the Arizona Cardinals and NCAA football programs is noticeable in his professionalism at ASU. Athletes and coaches alike recognize Alosi for his top-level organization when it comes to training.

Each athlete has a personalized card with their records in the weight room which Alosi updates every time a new one is reached.

"You've got to understand that everybody's built a little different," Alosi said.

The personalization of Alosi's workouts has helped the athletes reach their full potential, even when working through injuries and other adversity.

Graduate student midfielder Lia Willis has worked with Alosi to find workouts best suited to her while she deals with scoliosis. Alosi's personalized card system has allowed Willis to see her training success in a tangible way. 

"Working with him over the years to be able to reach my max and see it on the card that I could finally hit that is awesome," Willis said.

Alosi has also helped Willis manage her scoliosis while still pushing her to be the best athlete she can be. The two have worked together to create strategies to allow Willis to compete at the highest level without aggravating her back.

"He's educated me about what is working while I'm running to help me be in the best form while running," Willis said.  

Alosi's system also serves as motivation for the athletes. The training plans for each athlete allows for healthy competition. There is a sense of competition not between athletes, but competition against themselves.

"I like seeing my max, I like pushing my weight," Willis said.

The personalization of training plans is appreciated by players and coaches alike and shows Alosi's commitment to the lacrosse program. Alosi's support for each athlete has been integral to the success of the program.

"I really think he's the best in the business and he's been such a support piece in our program," senior midfielder Kaylon Buckner said.

Much of the work done by Alosi goes unseen when watching the Sun Devils on the field, but they would not be where they are without his hard work. The team is well aware of the care and commitment Alosi has put into the program and its success.

"He does so much work behind the scenes that by the time we get in the weight room, we have a recipe for greatness," graduate student attacker Carley Adams said.

Alosi's proudest accomplishment during his time with the lacrosse program is the relationships he has formed with the athletes and coaches. The team understands he has their best interest in mind in everything he does and he values that trust.

"I think that goes a long way from them buying into the training, wanting to come in here and work," Alosi said.

Alosi's work doesn't stop when the athletes leave the weight room. He is constantly in communication with the coaches, dictating the level of exertion for each athlete every day.

"Our practice, every single day, is according to Pete's plan," coach Tim McCormack said.

Alosi has committed to making the program as healthy as possible year-round. The work for Alosi and the lacrosse program is constant, but the commitment from every level of the program makes the health and strength goals attainable.

"He's not sitting there saying that we're going to be the strongest we can be at the end of the fall," McCormack said. "He has an understanding that this is a long-term thing."

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