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Opinion: Students registered with SAILS deserve early registration

(03/23/21 2:48am)

Many students who are registered with Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services, or SAILS, have an accommodation to get early registration for classes each semester. This gives students with disabilities an opportunity to have more time to choose professors and class times that best guarantee student success. 

Opinion: ASU needs academic protocols for students who test positive for COVID-19

(03/17/21 4:40am)

As ASU reopened campus in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021, the community saw a rise in COVID-19 cases at the beginning of both semesters. Thousands of students were told to quarantine, and while some remained asymptomatic, others became sick and unable to do work. Despite the waves of infection, ASU currently has no uniform protocol for lessening the academic load of students who become sick without placing the responsibility of seeking help on students.

Opinión: Unas cuantas manzanas podridas arruinan el racimo

(02/23/21 8:45pm)

Al comenzar otro semestre en línea, los estudiantes de todo el país están de luto por la pérdida de sus días universitarios. La universidad está destinado a ser uno de los momentos más importantes de nuestras vidas. Es cuando aprendemos lo que significa ser un adulto y establecemos conexiones personales y profesionales que nos durarán toda la vida.

Opinion: ASU needs more transparency with CARES Act funds

(02/26/21 1:32am)

This pandemic has been frustrating for many college students, financially speaking. Numerous students are paying the same amount of money for an inadequate education, and several of us weren’t included in the previous stimulus checks. The United States government, as sloppily as they handled this pandemic, compensated for this with the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act.

Opinion: Art students deserve better

(02/23/21 2:10am)

Not all programs at ASU are created equal. Every student who comes to ASU has a similar goal in mind: a quality education and college experience. While college is what you make it, ASU seems to be favoring some of its schools over others. Some schools house their students in high-rise-style dorms and beautifully built classrooms, yet others don’t get the same treatment. 

Opinion: ASU's diversity training needs to be more inclusive of disability language

(01/28/21 4:37am)

If you’ve ever had a job on campus, you are likely aware of the many trainings that employees are required to take. One of these trainings is called "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion." This training does an excellent job of covering certain minority groups that are discriminated against on the basis of sex, gender identity, race, and sexual orientation. The area I hope to see it expand on, however, is disability.



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