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State Press Weekly: ASU's new law school

(02/18/14 6:32pm)

Tom Williams, Assistant Dean and Chief of Staff at the Sandra Day O'Connor Law School at ASU, and Richard Stanley, Senior Vice President and University Planner at ASU, discussed the upcoming move for the law school from Tempe to downtown Phoenix. The university hopes to break ground on the project in July or August with the school ready for use by fall 2016.

Tech Spec: Why I Love Technology

(04/30/13 12:39pm)

Back in August, I took over this technology blog for the State Press Magazine (which might be pretty obvious) and was ecstatic at the chance to let my creative juices flow in a field I love. Since then, I have worked with my amazing editors to produce posts that both held relevancy and interest to you, my readers. Since this is the last Tech Spec post of the school year, I wanted to go out the same way I started my blog: by sharing a personal story about technology.

Tech Spec: Showcasing a Technologically Innovative Student

(04/27/13 10:35pm)

On every college campus, there are students who are working on interesting projects, creating useful items or just dabbling with ideas. Especially in the technology (engineering) field, you can always find out about some person who is working on something fascinating. One of these people is computer science sophomore Greg Littlefield, who has come to produce some interesting programs that can be taken advantage of by anyone.

Tech Spec: Uniting Social Media Through Path

(04/24/13 12:15am)

Many find some sort of use for social media. Some people use it to connect with friends, share news or even look at filtered photos of food. The issue for many (with myself included) is balancing usage on the growing list of popular social sites. Usually the social focus lands on one site over the others, so some accounts are left to collect dust. Some sites allow users to post to multiple media sites as well as their own, which can be a big draw. The new app, Path, looks to jump on this idea and unify social media.

Tech Spec: The Dangers of Texting While Dating

(04/19/13 10:04pm)

Previously, I wrote a blog post on using technology to interact in the dating world, through the use of social apps. I have heard of some personal experiences and while that remains true, there have also been some negative outcomes from today’s technology that can put a damper on the dating game. The biggest issue is that having this instant method to connect and share data has left many with the impression that social norms have changed. What I am writing about is when people use text messaging to convey important information. Their personalities are lost when they go fully digital.

Tech Spec: Technology’s Part in Crises

(04/16/13 12:17pm)

Social media. It is what dominates many people’s free time. People share news about their births, post photos from last weekend’s party and tag themselves at the new restaurant down the block. But these instantaneous means of communication do much more than let you brag about your goings on; they make for a prime pipeline of communication in times of emergency. Yesterday was a great example of this with the Boston Marathon bombing.