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Discovering musical compounds

(03/16/15 3:00pm)

Dating back to 2002, Gregg Gillis aka “Girl Talk”, has been compounding handfuls of tracks by various artists and turning them in to what became the mashup. Layers of vacillating beats taken from distinctive songs create new life and take on new meanings. It’s guaranteed that there will be a bass line, chord or hook that will have you scratching your head wondering where you’ve heard it before.

The MusicPhile: Back to usual habits

(01/28/15 5:30pm)

Welcome back to my column! We are back to usual habits at ASU and this semester is off to a busy start. This is, of course, completely contradictory to what my winter break was like. I focused hard on doing as little as possible, unless it required Netflix or couch time. I did manage to make it down to Tucson’s Rialto Theater to check out Alt-J and was far from disappointed. I’ve been mildly obsessed since.

Michael Jackson thrills with classic MTV debut

(11/03/14 6:59pm)

In 1983, Michael Jackson released what would prove to be his crowning achievement. MTV’s very first world premiere video, Thriller, debuted and single-handedly altered the landscape of music videos. Directed by John Landis and produced as a short film, Thriller clocks in just over 13 minutes and leads viewers through a chilling fantasy filled with an atypical love story, the supernatural and living dead. Flamboyant makeup, ornate costume design and Vincent Price’s sepulchral articulation illustrate the eerie setting and add to the video’s theme of fright, horror and awe. Jackson’s iconic red and black leather jacket is still easily recognizable today. While the early days of MTV ushered in music videos merely the length of the tune and lacked much pomp, Thriller paved the way for future artists and encouraged entertainers to explore a more creative side to an otherwise cookie-cutter industry.

Tunes for a spooky shindig

(10/27/14 3:02pm)

Ah, Halloween. The time of year when kids terrorize the neighborhood on a mission to procure as many sugar-laden goodies as they can; the time of year when grown adults wear anything that will distance themselves from their everyday persona (no, you are not a sexy butterfly, we know that.) It's a holiday which we love to get together and throw down the best way we know how: with great friends and plenty of good tunes. You provide the party people, I'll provide the music:

Austin City Limits attracts unique musicians

(10/16/14 2:45pm)

The Austin City Limits Festival, a spectacular blowout that attracts music fans from around the country, took place over the course of the past two weekends. The festival is considered a premiere destination for those in search of a wide spectrum of musical acts; from a chunk of smaller bands such as The Rosebuds, Cults and Knox Hamilton, to the larger mainstream performers such as Pearl Jam, Sam Smith and current favorite producer-turned-DJ, Calvin Harris.