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El Valiente

(09/14/21 4:00am)

El marcador muestra un empate de 6-6 en el final de la novena entrada. Mientras la mayoría de la atención del público está enfocada en el plato donde Ethan Long, un estudiante de primer año de ASU, se prepara a enfrentar al Jake Mulholland, el lanzador de Oregon State University, Long sabe que el arma secreta de los Devils está justo a su derecho en en la caseta. 

Brave face

(09/14/21 3:39am)

The scoreboard shows a 6-6 tie at the bottom of the ninth inning. While most of the crowd's attention is focused on home plate where ASU freshman, Ethan Long, prepares to face Oregon State University pitcher Jake Mulholland, Long knows the Devils' secret weapon is just to his right in the home dugout.

Never ending spin cycle

(04/15/21 1:59am)

When the Pac-12 canceled all conference athletic competitions in the fall, it was widely regarded as a necessary decision amid a pandemic. Athletes, coaches and fans came to terms with the fact their seasons would not follow a normal timeframe. While football eventually got its chance to compete, dozens of other Division I sports were either canceled or delayed to the spring semester. This means teams like volleyball, soccer and cross country are now occupying the same space on the calendar as traditional winter and spring sports like basketball and baseball.

Club sports bring competition, community to ASU

(02/17/21 5:13am)

When the New Jersey Tigers stepped onto a nondescript field in New Brunswick to face the Rutgers Queensmen in front of 100 fans, none of the 50 players could have imagined the bright lights and roaring crowds of Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona. Nor could they have imagined the multi-million dollar contracts bestowed upon pro athletes. 

Treading Water

(11/11/20 1:11am)

Standing on the shores of Tempe Town Lake on a Tuesday at 6 a.m., one sound is conspicuously absent from the cacophony arising as students stir and get ready for class. That sound is the shouts, splashes and footfalls of the ASU triathlon team. Instead, the athletes work in small groups, training for specific disciplines and doing whatever possible to stay sharp.



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