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Generational differences

It's incredibly humbling to hear about where my grandparents came from and how they got to America. Now that I'm older, I recognize how grateful my grandparents are for the opportunities this country has given them, but also how younger Latine people criticize the U.S. for its history and approaches to immigration.


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From the other side

The story of a strong, immigrant mother who put nothing above her family - reporter Adriana Gonzalez-Chavez writes of the profound place her mother has in her heart, also available to read in the State Press Magazine.


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En El Polvo

A medida que se resuelve el proceso de eliminación de antecedentes penales establecído por la Proposición 207, los defensores legales dicen que es mas probable que los más afectados por la vigilancia de la marihuana se queden atrás.


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In the dust

When Proposition 207 created a pathway to expungement, it marked a shift in drug policy in Arizona. Critics decry aspects of the process that leave communities most affected by the drug war behind.


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A mere 17 and a half years

I'm finishing up my process of obtaining citizenship, which has taken me 17 and a half years — almost my entire life. I tell my story and explain the process, which can vastly differ from person to person. 




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